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The all of these wallpapers on this website are done by the user submission, which are only for the personal use. No one have the rights to use them for commercial prupose or sell them without permission from the original author. If you are the rightful owner of any photo stock or wallpapers which is displayed on this site and want it to be removed and you have valid proof with you, please contact us and we'll remove it!

Note: If the copyright of any wallpaper belongs to you or Any of the wallpapers from this site is done by you, please send us a link to the original wallpaper with proof and tell us if you want it removed or not. If not, then send your website address and we'll give a link to your site on the resources/details page for that wallpaper. This way everyone wins.
We want to give credit for this artistic work to those who deserve it!

If you wish to use these wallpapers on your own website, please abide by these guidelines:

  • Not more than 15 from these wallpapers can be used on your website at the same time. If you like to do so, then please link to http://www.halloween-wallpapers.com and tell your online users to come to our website to get the wallpapers.
  • Don't alter/change or modify the photos and wallpapers. For example, you cannot remove the halloween-wallpapers.com logo from the bottom of the wallpapers.
  • Do not inline our images on your website, it will not work. Copy the wallpaper image to your own web server space before using them.
  • You must provide a link with "Halloween Wallpapers" keywork from your website. Someone who views our wallpaper on your site should be able to come to halloween-wallpapers.com easily, we prefer a direct link to our site under each individual wallpaper that you are using.

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